Day 25, Happy New Year


Not the healthiest way to ring in the new year but justified by being a special occasion.  Limited to 3 shots/drinks.

I kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a while.  But I’m back and forcing myself to interact with life again.  It was too difficult not to go into hermit mode around the holidays.  But enough of that.  Its a fresh start.  I accomplished quite a bit today around the house.  Yay finally catching up on ironing and dishes.  Goals are being worked on and organized.  Trying to be as specific as possible so that it’s not a general blah blah blah that I’ll get frustrated at.  Trying to make sure that any goals I set are specific and measurable and ongoing.  Resetting my weight loss goals and taking a fresh look at what I am eating day to day.

Apparently I had forgotten how many calories are in half and half.   (400 of my calories today have been just half and half.)  Either I need to quit coffee (which would make me very sad) or find a nondairy creamer I like.  There appears to be no middle ground for me.  I’ve tried to do regular milk but it doesn’t last long.  I at least need to change my thinking on it.  Okay I’m rambling…

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Day 24, Christmas day

Been a bit of a hermit today.  Didn’t send much in the way of holiday messages.  Didn’t get out to see the families.  We didn’t even do our tradition of watching horror movies.  But for the most part, I’m okay with it.  I slept and read a bit.  I was warm and got some awesome kitty and hubby cuddles.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking on what i want.  Wrestling with setting my goals and keeping my thoughts on a positive level.  I’ve done this whole song and dance so many times and I’ve wanted to meet my goals so many times and failed so many times.  I need to kick out the voice in my head that keeps reminding me of the past. 

I’ve accomplished quite a damn bit as well.  This year I celebrated three years being nicotine free…without gaining  weight while doing it.  I’ve exercised almost every day for the last two months.  Not a whole lot but it’s way better than nothing.

Taking it a day at a time.  That’s all i can do, and know that i have support.  I just need to be open and receptive to it.


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Day 23, Christmas eve

I’ve spent quite a bit of time vegging out today.  Reading and huddled under blankets in front of the TV. Being crampy and achey has not been conducive to getting much accomplished.  Feelings and emotions have been high as well, yay hormones. 

The book I’ve been reading (the exile) is a graphic novel based in the Outlander world created by Diana Gabaldon.  I’ve seen the first half of season one, so good.  And I had started reading the first book in the series but it has been a little slow going for me.  mostly because my eyes insist that sleep is what they need, selfish things that they are.  I know, I’m a weirdo.  It happens.

The day was spiritually lite. Planked for a minute and did nothing else.


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Day 22, Rainy yuckiness

With Will having worked third shift last night a good portion of my day got slept away.  What’s worse is I woke up achey to the sounds of rain pattering on the roof.  Rather annoying considering i had planned to run errands. There are issues with the driveway, so if we don’t absolutely have to go anywhere, we don’t.  Apparently I’m feeling bitchy/whiney.

Although there were accomplishments today, so yay.  Dishes got done, papers were gone through and somewhat organized and I cooked instead of getting something easy fix/take out.

Spiritually not a whole lot was accomplished. My plank was only 55 seconds, but i did do 50 squats as well.


My picture today was taken in 2010. Yummy fresh ink. Been craving more, hopefully within the next year. It’s a bit faded now but i still love it and thought it should be shared. (better this than a pouty cranky Julie pic.)

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Day 21, practicality

Monday was an overall practical day.  Got enough sleep, did some organizing.  Reevaluated some goals and spent some time in contemplation. 

Got in some quality library time.  Spent some time with the hubby catching up on TV on DVD.  Finally finished How I Met Your Mother…hated the last episode, liked the alternate better.  Did a little bit of cleaning but overall just relaxed.

I did do my plank. A minute and forty eight seconds. And did twenty leg drops. Lots of screaming and cursing ensued…but it got done.


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Day 20, New Beginnings

I had a very happy winters solstice.

Because of work stuff and wonky sleep schedules we had missed a few Sundays of church.  I love our little UU church and didn’t realize how much I missed it.  Being a part of such a small group there really aren’t many people you don’t know.  There is a very homey feel to it because of that.  While I do miss our Nashville congregation I think when we leave this area I’ll miss our little Tullahoma group more.  Not that we are leaving anytime soon or that this is the point I’m trying to make…

Solstice, yes, there we go.  So after the service and the talkback the pagan group got together along with a few others who were curious.  I shared some of the info I had gathered and another (awesome) member of the group led us in a wonderful acknowledgement of the holiday.  I contributed an apple cut in half with some cinnamon on it as an offering to the gods/spirit/ancestors.  Afterwards we did a little meditation then went outside to do a burning and release working.  It was great.  For anyone interested this was the info I sent out, for anyone unable to make it:

We won’t have another new moon on the winter solstice for another 19 years (2033).  The new moon falling on the winter solstice accentuates the power of new beginnings.
This new moon energy has a “back to work” energy to it, with a total of five planets in Capricorn.  Capricorn has a steadfast, practical, and utilitarian energy.  It is wonderfully powerful for setting intentions of a practical nature.  Because capricorn energy supports us with anything that requires discipline and patience (such as adopting a healthier eating regime or getting into a new exercise program).  Use this opportunity to consciously control where you want your life to go.
Before you set your intentions for all the good things you want to come into your life it is good to “do a little inner housekeeping.”  Think on the things you’ve held onto or that have held you back in your growth or progress.   Fears or old ways of thinking that no longer serve you.  We release what no longer serves us on the Winter solstice because it is the darkest night of the year .  And after today?  You are leaving that darkness behind.  One day at a time.  Getting lighter and brighter.  The easiest way I’ve found is simply writing down what you intend to move past/let go and then burn it.  Then sit down and write your goals and intentions (or “resolutions”) for what you want to bring into your life.  To fill the void you just made by what you let go.
The prayer I used for releasing:  I hold onto the lessons and knowledge but release the pain and sadness attached to those experiences.  The light of healing banishes the shadows of the past.

Afterwards I decided I was going to finally set down some goals and make an honest to god effort to follow through.  A good friend of our years ago showed us his project of doing 101 goals in a 1001 days.  So my end date is going to be September 17, 2017.  I set it all up in five categories: Health (earth), intellectual (air), passion (fire), emotion (water), and spiritual (spirit).  I’m not sure if I want to share them on my blog at all or not.  They are also only about half written.  But that, just like life, is a work in progress.

Due to exhaustion I did not do any of the exercises.  And the dishes are still mocking me from the sink.  But I will still say that the day was one of accomplishments.


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Day 19, missing time?

Okay not really missing time, just lost a blog post somewhere, i.e. forgot one day and the numbering got all wonky.  (started it on the 1st so this should be day 20 for Saturday….but alas, in the long run I am still writing so a missing day is not something to stress over.

I did accomplish planking for a minute and 47 seconds which I’ve told countless people now, lol.  Less than two months ago I couldn’t even do 20 seconds (I had to do it in 10 second increments.) Afterwards I also did 40 squats, without stopping to rest, so yay for that as well.  I am loving the fact that I have my progress written on the calendar so I can see how far I’ve come each day.  Little by little I am getting there.

Saturday was a practical day in organizing information (i.e. last minute info gathering for the winter solstice circle gathering at church on the 21st) and getting some stuff done around the house.  I got some things organized that have just sat around for too long.  Returned some things that we had borrowed and no longer was being used.  And I did a little bit of ironing.  Spiritually I didn’t do much but prepare for the circle at church.


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