Day 29, Taking the time

Sunday was a restoration day.  I ended up sleeping about nine hours.  It was a good deep sleep, too.  Unfortunately I also missed church which made me sad because it is a support system I think benefits me greatly.  The Tullahoma UU church has a lot of great people.  If I can ever get myself to be more sociable there are several people there I would bug to hang out way more….just saying.

The exercises didn’t hurt as much as they have in the past and that was awesome.  Planked for a minute and eight seconds with forty crunches and forty squats.  I haven’t gotten around to doing the arm exercises yet but that is still my intention.  The language lesson was also accomplished and with less frustration that the previous ones.

Got some good reading time in as well.  Currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I haven’t gotten past the point they made it in the series yet, but I am close to being there. I love highlanders, sigh.  And this will be my first book checked off the reading challenge list.  A book over 500 pages.



About JulieBites

I am in the process of getting heathy and figuring some stuff out. This is me thinking things through in the written form…for all to see.
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