Day 28, Rain Blues

I had high hopes for Saturday to be a day of getting things done.  And for the most part I accomplished some stuff, but quite a few things got pushed off for another day because it was just too wet and gross outside.

I invaded dads with laundry and spent a few hours over there.  Mostly reading, but I was at least a little bit sociable.  Earlier in the day I got a not so nice visit from a lady serving me with a civil warrant.  If I could go back in time and slap myself when I even thought getting more than one credit card as a good idea.  Le sigh.  I am going to ask some questions and find out what my options are because there is no getting blood from this stone.  I’m more than tapped out.

But even with the stress of all that I still got my exercising and language lesson in for the day.  I found an awesome challenge that I fell in love with.   The get yoursElf off the shelf challenge was too much.  At least in my physical condition.  I am thinking this one is a bit more reasonable.  I am also looking into adding some arm exercises with a resistance band to my daily workout.


As far as languages go I was doing Duolingo, a phone app that’s free and kinda awesome.  But I was doing french and spanish which actually ended up confusing me because some of it is really similar and it just got frustrating.  So Will and I are focusing on doing a french lesson together each day, while also going over basic stuff for me so it will eventually sink in.  I am having fun with it and look forward to extending my understanding beyond the basics.

Spiritually I’m still in a bit of a holding pattern.  Been praying a lot and talking to spirit due to money and work issues.   I need to take the time to meditate and calm my mind of its incessant chatter.


About JulieBites

I am in the process of getting heathy and figuring some stuff out. This is me thinking things through in the written form…for all to see.
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