Day 27, building momentum


Second day of the year went well I think.  Will and I tackled a project and accomplished quite a bit with it. We also did two language lessons and ate healthily.  Exercise wise we planked (I did 30seconds and 36 seconds), 30 crunches, and 30 squats.  I also kept a log of food intake which I haven’t put into sparkpeople yet but will soon hopefully.

Spiritually I haven’t done much but cleaning has been more regular so yay accomlishing that.

My plans, to do my mile walk, have been interupted by consistant downpouring.  Yes I am fully aware that it raining is a lame excuse not to go walking.  That there are indoor options.  But I don’t have a way of measuring the indoor options.  the pedometers I have refuse to work for me.


About JulieBites

I am in the process of getting heathy and figuring some stuff out. This is me thinking things through in the written form…for all to see.
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